About SUA Driving School

The Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA) is an Agricultural university whose main mission is to promote development in agriculture, natural resources, and allied sectors through training, research, and delivery of services.

The University has an important role to play in the transformation of the agricultural sector and its contribution to Tanzania’s socio-economic development. As a higher learning agricultural institution, it realizes this objective by passing knowledge to students through various short and long-term training offered under respective departments in theory and practice.

On this background, first, SUA is introducing a short course on the operation of agricultural machinery to enhance the operators’ skills for effective agricultural mechanization in the country. A modern, mechanized and well-managed agricultural sector will enhance the industrialized economy and income generation for Tanzanians.

The offer of 10 tractors by the late President of the United Republic of Tanzania, H.E. John Pombe Magufuli, during his visit to SUA on 7th May 2018 offers the opportunity to provide hands-on skills on tractors to SUA students and Tanzanian farmers. The targeted groups are SUA students, tractor operators, agricultural machinery owners and managers, field officers, and the community at large.

Second, SUA is introducing a course in driving vehicles and motorcycles to enable its graduates and the community to attain driving skills to facilitate their extension activities and employment opportunities respectively. The targeted groups are SUA students and the community.

Therefore, SUA has established a School for Agricultural Machinery Operators and Driving (SUA-Driving School) with a registration number TRD/A.21/VOLIV/04 starting from 10th September 2021. The driving school trains agricultural machinery operators as well as motor vehicle and motorcycle drivers.

Location & Direction

The SUA Driving school is located at the School of Engineering and Technology, Sokoine University of Agriculture, Main Campus in Morogoro Tanzania.

Business hours

The SUA Driving School operates in normal working hours (8:00 am – 3: 00 pm) from Monday to Friday

What we Offer

  1. We offer short training on agricultural machinery operation and maintenance to improve operators’ abilities for improved agricultural mechanization.
  2. We offer short courses in driving automobiles and motorcycles to assist University graduates and the general public to get driving skills
  3. We process and award the training certificates for people who have accomplished the training
  4. We guide the trainee on obtaining a driver’s license after completing the program.

Why Choose SUA Driving School?

  1. The SUA Driving School is officially recognized with a School Certificate and License
  2. We have an adequate number of officially recognized instructors and Engineers to conduct the short course training in agricultural machinery operations, maintenance and driving
  3. We have a sufficient number of agricultural machines, implements, vehicles, and motorcycles for training
  4. We have a large space for practical training including the potential for visiting and operating in SUA-model training farms for new agricultural skills.
  5. Being a trainee at SUA is an opportunity to share your dreams with SUA experts for your further carrier development